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If I were a flower, I would be a daisy

It’s beautiful morning in my lovely town. It is already too warm to sit on the porch so I am inside drinking my morning tea, living the practice of self care. Life has once again become very busy. Work, an extra side job, WREN things, tending to the house and garden, taking care of Luka (who has been stressed and unwell). Today I intend to slow down, but already too many things are calling my for my attention. Priorities, presence, a hike with Luka, eating well, time for cpb, the rest is luxury or gravy or put off for another day.

Word. Vibration. Manifestation

of money money is an agreement about an exchange of energy… not good or bad..what is my agreement..intention is the direction attention vs intention..what is pulling my attention away from my intention we have to be disciplined with out intention. I deserve to thrive I have to come to an agreement with my own soul that I deserve to thrive. I deserve to thrive.. THRIVING IS MY NATURAL STATE OF BEING what is it that is grabbing my attention( worries, doubts, fears, stories, past) I must be willing to dig below the surface to release that which is holding my attention. Stories about worthiness. Release what has it’s grip on me. Be willing to put myself in the environment in which I can thrive. Put myself in the Divine Flow…if I am willing to thrive…I will thrive. Word. Vibration.Manifestation. when we speak the word..we speak the heart of our intention..the I am is the word I am a divine manifestation of the intent of the universe Four Steps: 1. discipline..mindful…keep focused on what my intention is ( …

Rain Rain and more Rain

Day one on the peninsula and it is raining..a lot. I don;t mind the rain so much but Chris does and feels it is a personal..the universe taking it out on him. It’s not like we can change the weather. I really don’t the rain bother me. I have my boots :) We headed off Bay of Fundy side of the providence, and the fabled tides were evident. I made Chris stop in Sanford so we could see the smallest drawbridge in the world. It was built so the fisherman wouldn’t have to walk all the way around to get from one side of the harbor to the next. The other shots are from the same harbor. Everything seems to be covered in this rust colored moss. We stopped for lunch in Digby, I had the scallops because that’s what Digby is know for. They came with turnips! Chris had pie..coconut cream. He was still grumpy about the rain and about his phone not working. Pie is a cure-all. After lunch we headed to Anapolis Royal, a …