10 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Sucks

1. No one looking at your house really appreciates that you’ve cleaned for them.
2. There are people who will actually look at your house who really don’t want to buy your or anyone’s house; they’re just nosey. ( I used to be one of those people…never again will I go to an open house without the sincere intention of looking to buy)
3. Hanging out in the car with the dog for an hour as you watch people look through your house sucks..a lot.
4. People will offer you ridiculously low prices for your home.
5. You will actually come to consider them.
6. You will never enjoy all the repairs you were forced to make.
7. House hunters feel compelled to tell you just why that don’t like your house, over and over again.
8. 98% of these complaints (like the neighborhood) are out of your control.
9. Realtors have the key to your house and can (and do!) surprise you unexpectedly.
10. You rediscover all the things you loved about your house in the first place.

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