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I have given up the angry God
and the God who tests me
I admit I never really believed in that one anyway
I give up the God who 
weighs the product of my life
and then distributes the just amount of love
I give up guilt this season
it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to give up
perhaps guilt is my drug
perhaps I have wanted guilt
it has certainly has had a hold me
and led me down many a path
I would have liked not to have taken
I   choose, this Lent, instead
to live open armed 
in invitation to relationship
with the God who loves me
just as I am

this season of love

I feel my way 

through this world
led by emotions
like signposts
I know no other way of being
And wouldn’t choose another path
if it were offered anyway
sometimes when I am alone
with only my thoughts
and my most recent memory of you
I hold my breath
and count my blessings
I wonder if I have had
my fill of fortune
if there is some limit
on goodness
and love even
in this world
I cannot will anything
to last forever
so I choose instead to
Love you
each day
As if it were my first
and only shot