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The Resurrection

Holy Week doesn’t feel so Holy to me this year.  I am mired in too much trivial, but time consuming, detail, to see the big picture.  For years, too many to confess, I never understood the meaning of Easter.  I never felt the joy of Easter, and even to this day, it is a struggle.  The Stations of the Cross, Confession, the Passion, the retelling of  “Our Story” leave me filled with guilt and horrible imagery.  As a child I never understood the Resurrection…truly.  I saw the Resurrection as God snapping Christ out of a cruel, evil, world, saving Jesus from us. Maybe that is the hope, that God saves us from ourselves.  But if Christ is in us, why do we need to be saved at all?  Why can’t I always feel the God that is in me?  Why can’t I recognize Christ in others?  That would be a beautiful Resurrection.

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