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I am living in a very full home these days. My daughter, Devoney, is home for a piece of the summer, my son RJ too, before he heads off for his first year of college. And two friends, Marcy and Melissa, and their son, Trout, have also moved in. Six people in a two bedroom, one bath home. It’s been sweet and hectic. The best of this all has been the sharing of meals. Coming to a full table is nice…

Yesterday we celebrated my daughter’s twentieth birthday. Liss and I moved a table out of the now packed garage and designed an outdoor dining area, complete with lantern chandelier. It was lovely..a quintessential summer day…topped with great food and better company. Devoney invited a few friends; we made homemade ice cream and the adults lingered at the table as the “kids” went off for awhile.
Later two more friends stopped in to eat the leftovers. The day’s heat had cooled to that perfect summer evening degree…It was nice. My day was full, I was full. And I had found an effortless rhythm in which to live out each moment. Grace…
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