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wide open spaces of possibility

clash with the cramped corners of my small brain….

“Smart people make really stupid decisions all the time.” overheard at the taqueria yesterday
I wish it were possible to make plans and then immediately see the outcome of them BEFORE the plans took place. Of course that’s not possible…but wouldn’t it be nice? I often make decisions without thinking through all the details. Most of the time, this has served me well. Lately it hasn’t. At a time when I should be getting wiser, I feel less so.
Presently I have no way of even figuring out the questions I need to ask to answer the bigger question of “what to do?” Yesterday I briefly journeyed for some help, but found myself anxious and unable to even frame a question. Instead I asked for peace and found the still , quiet corner of my mind and rested there. It helped tremendously. Only now, the next morning, my mind is reeling again. back to the quiet place I will go….
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