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The Epiphany

In the Christian calendar, January 6th is the celebration of the epiphany, the visitation of the Magi to the newborn Christ.  God reveals Himself to man..

I like the sound of the word epiphany, and today coincidentally a friend told me I would be having an epiphany of my own soon.  Will God be revealing Herself to me?  God is revealed everyday, one just has to clear the clutter of see this.

This morning I am sitting at a table in the university’s library. I am at a window, with a view of a wall of windows, the east side of the building adjacent to me.  Every window is curtained or unlit, save for one in the upper left corner.  Two lamps hang over a row of potted plants.  It is the only light outside the window I sit at.  The light in Portland is perpetually dawn like…we’re constantly waiting for day to break…and it just never seems to.  Perhaps my epiphany will come with the sun, when the cloud cover decides to open. Who knows when that will be, a week, a month.  A month of Sundays…

If I could choose my epiphany…I would choose to see God revealed in me.  I believe God is in each of us, truly.  I would like to really believe it for me…

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