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and so it is

I talked to a friend of mine this morning

we agreed that there is no middle place
just as there is no
“real world”
what there is
is a reprieve from suffering
I found that this morning
amidst the dirty dishes
and the guilt of leaving Luka
home alone all day
I found it
despite my runny nose
and upset stomach
and lack of a single pair of clean pants
that fit me this morning
I found it as I crossed
the Morrison Bridge
and described the yet again grey sky
to my friend so far away
I am never sure what it is that brings
this pause
this easy breathe
away from ego
I only know that I cannot chase it
I can only
recognize and be in it
when I arrive

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  1. You crossed the bridge of loveAnd flew with it like the dove:Crossing Noah's water of salvationFeeling a middle of depravation,As to be in the middle is not the beggining or end,So embrace you outstretched arms to your friendAnd comfort one and all likewiseAnd strive for the ultimate prizeOf feeling wonderfully humane.And hold no grievances of shame For things you are not to blame.I am not religious, but God bless you. Thank you. Take care. Bye.

    January 11, 2010

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