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TADASANA: mountain pose
      it is essential to master the art of standing correctly
VRKSASANA: tree pose
     tones the muscles and gives one a sense of balance and poise
UTTIHITA TRIKONASANA: extended triangle pose
    tones legs, removes stiffness in legs and hips; relieves backaches and neck sprains,; strengthen the ankles and develops the chest
PARIVRTTA TRIKONASANA: revolved triangle
     tones the thigh, calf, and hamstring muscles; aids spine and back muscles; increase blood flow to spine; expands chest; relieves pain in back; invigorates the abdominal organs; strengthens hip muscles
UTTHITA PARSVAKONASANA: side angle, extended lateral angle pose
     tones ankles, knees, and thighs; reduces fat around the waists and hips; relieves sciatic and arthritis pains; aids in elimination

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