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cleaning house

I have been busy these past few weeks.  I am working a new job as a milieu counselor with teens in a residential rehab. I really enjoy it and am grateful.  I have also been working a lot on my yard. I inherited a beautiful landscape..but it has gotten jungle like and I need to clear out a lot.  Not an easy feat when one lives in the city and has to bag and curb all the yard debris.  Hassles.  I am also beginning my yoga teaching, subbing tomorrow for my friend’s class, then starting new classes at TaborSpace next Friday. In between I’ve been knitting and painting. Today I clean the house…

pictures of my efforts to follow…

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  1. Hi
    It sounds like your real busy, when you get a chance drop into my website for some great time saving cleaning tips.

    Virginia M.

    June 26, 2010

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