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Forgiveness is and action verb

Forgiveness is an action verb

not an abstract noun

I believe we cannot forgive ourselves if we fail to seek forgiveness first from those we’ve harmed…

it is wreckless and unkind to close our eyes to the pain we’ve caused

forgiveness is a path we walk with open eyes,

it is not a blindfold used to protect our own egos

if we choose to judge another’s ability to forgive

we turn our backs to the mirror

only to become more self-centered and less self aware

it is a choice…

choose the abstract, and lighten the conscience;

or choose the action, and enlighten the soul.


from my former blog, lost in internet space…July 26, 2008

On a walk

discovered moss and grass


I painted a lovely little piece of Frida Kahlo this month.  I painted her like an icon, gold frame around her…on a gessoed wood panel.  I learned a lot of from working on this piece.  I was pleased even.  My teacher hung our work up on the hall outside our classroom.  One day later, Frida went missing.  Stolen.

I’m not too devastated.  Bummed I didn’t get a photograph of the work.  Flattered that someone liked it enough to take it.  Wish I had gotten paid for it…that would have been cool.  “Hey I like your art work, can I buy it?”  That would have been really cool. Alas.

What’s mine is theirs now, I guess.  With a bit of karma attached.