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Text Message from my Daughter in College

Daughter: How would you feel if I bought a shot gun

me: Chris Blair (he texted back first after I read the text aloud): this is either the best bad text or the worst good text I’ve ever read

me: Ditto…Mom

me: How would you feel about having a baby sister or brother

Daughter: I would shoot myself with the shot gun


Steel Tree

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From the garden in front of the National Archives…the inspiration for my next painting

DC Botanical Garden

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The National Archives

                                                             closes sharply at 5 o’ clock


Our trip to the nation’s capital led us to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  We paid six dollars for time spent in the butterfly room.  Worth every cent and more.  Below are the amazing creatures we got to spend a little time with.  Butterflies live a remarkably short time.  In fact, one of the moths we saw is born without a mouth and cannot eat or drink.  I asked Chris what the point of that was.  He said the moth was basically a flying penis…imagine that, a flying penis.

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Remembering 9/11

I cannot hold the grief wholly.  Instead I allow for moments to overcome me and then I move away finding something to be grateful for. I will remember that love is more powerful and more important.