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A Little Yoga Wisdom

“When the heart is full, tongue is silent; when the mind is still, intuition functions; when the passions are quelled, devotion dawns; when the senses are controlled, soul force is obtained; when the intellect is silent God speaks; when the ‘I’ dies, ‘He’ shines as Radiant Reality”

Swami Sivananda

Autumn Supper

One week after Chris and I were married, we attended the Annual Autumn Supper at Mike and Tina Anderson’s lovely home outisde of Vancouver.  This was my second year attending the beautiful dinner. Last year when I went with Chris, we had just started dating.  This year, we were married.

The dinner was wonderful, served family style around a long table, you can see the picture above.  Many of the people in attendance had been  there last year, some have been there many times, as Mike and Tina have been hosting these dinners for many years.

It was really a sweet evening; a time for gratitude and family and friends.  Children from last year were older and a little bigger.  It’s important to stop and enjoy our days. Too many days we rush around, failing notice what we have and who we share our lives with.

Thank you Mike and Tina for slowing us down…


my shoe is unbuckled


My sister doesn’t like cheap beer…I was wrong…I confused ZIMA, with beer…my bad..ZIMA may not even be cheap, I don’t know…I misled you all..I am sorry…

this is reference to my Twins movie

My City…a few images on a rare blue sky day

Luka in the Pearl


Freemont Bridge

A Few of Our Wedding Photos

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Photography by Red Door Studio


These are just a few of my favorite photos from our lovely day…okay maybe more than a few..