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10 Reasons Why Selling Your Home Sucks

1. No one looking at your house really appreciates that you’ve cleaned for them.
2. There are people who will actually look at your house who really don’t want to buy your or anyone’s house; they’re just nosey. ( I used to be one of those people…never again will I go to an open house without the sincere intention of looking to buy)
3. Hanging out in the car with the dog for an hour as you watch people look through your house sucks..a lot.
4. People will offer you ridiculously low prices for your home.
5. You will actually come to consider them.
6. You will never enjoy all the repairs you were forced to make.
7. House hunters feel compelled to tell you just why that don’t like your house, over and over again.
8. 98% of these complaints (like the neighborhood) are out of your control.
9. Realtors have the key to your house and can (and do!) surprise you unexpectedly.
10. You rediscover all the things you loved about your house in the first place.

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  1. No nailed it! Wow I remember how bad that sucks and will probably face it again at some point. Keep a sense of humor and it will pass.

    May 25, 2014
  2. Ally #

    Our house is currently on the market and it sucks. We spent 2 weeks decluttering, painting, repairing and cleaning just to get it ready to sell. It has been on the market for only a week with 7 showings and I’m already sick and tired of it. I don’t know what’s worse – spending hours every day making it look like a showroom, spending hours sitting in my car with the dog waiting for people to get done going through my personal space or waiting to hear back about the showing (unfortunately, we’ve gotten some rude & unhelpful feedback – first showing feedback was “Overpriced. Don’t see any updates that make this house worth the price it is listed at.” – I actually cried when I heard this but our realtor said to ignore it and that our house is priced very well & shows great). As much as I hate showing the house, I’m really hope we get some more showings scheduled because we won’t get an offer unless people come and see the house. 😦

    October 2, 2017

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