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All the things I did this year

My annual list…to remind me that my life was pretty full and is pretty great

1. Sold my home on Halsey
2. Bought a loft with Chris in the Pearl
3. Started my career as an artist
…moved my studio 3 times!
…showed my art in 4 venues
…was commissioned to paint a piece of art by 4 different people
…sold over 30 paintings”
4. Travelled by car to LA and got to visit RJ in the process
5. Returned to work as an LMT
6. Auditioned for a commercial…that was a surprise!!
7. Threw a lovely dinner party
8. Had a house warming party
9. Hosted a Christmas party
10. Flew to Phoenix to visit Tim P and watch the ducks play football
11. Ran into my brother on the above trip
12. Entered an urban scavenger hunt with Chris and came in 49th!
13. Vacationed on the Big Island of Hawaii and got to spend time with my sister
14. On the above trip, I snorkeled, paddle boarded, hiked, and got to feed a manta ray
15. Became hooked on Walking Dead
16. And Downton Abbey
17. Went to several parties
18. Hiked with Luka
19. Rejoined the board of Rahab’s Sisters
20. Went to yoga
21. Ate at nearly every place in our neighborhood
22. Walked and walked and walked everywhere with cpb
23. Went to the corn maze on Sauvie Island
24.played bocci in the park blocks
25. Saw many a movie
26. Had a visit from my son
27. Exchanged many dog photo texts with Devoney
28. Had a visit from my parents
29. Made some new friends
30. Played a harp/guitar gig with cpb at the Masonic Temple and got paid!!
31.watched Critter graduate high school
32. Voted in a presidential election and watched my candidate win
33. Lived through the end of the Mayan calendar
34. Went to the zoo
35. Joined the Portland Art Museum
36. Went up to Seattle to visit to swim in Lake Washington and go boating
37. Visited my new nephew and my niece in Bellingham
38. Celebrated my one year anniversary being married to cpb…he made me the most wonderful hard bound book!
39.grew my hair to my longest length ever
40.rode my bike many times to work
41. Made dinner for cpb many many times
42. Had a panini party for Alice and Cory
43.visited Jeff in Capitola
50.hosted Thanksgiving dinner
51. Went to church
52. Started an etsy business
53. Went running
54. Spun several skeins of wool
55. Knitted and crocheted
56. and so much more…

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

lower macleay park



A lovely winter stroll with Luka this afternoon. We’re lucky to have such beautiful land to spend time in that is so close to home!


Spotted Owls
Acrylic on canvas 40″x30″

Eye Candy
Acrylic on canvas 24″x30″

adding to the flock


The Sargeant
oil on canvas 14″x18″

Healing myself

When I’m not painting, which is more often than not, I am a massage therapist. I have been an LMT on and off for 15 years. It’s work I really love and suits me well, but it takes its toll on my body. This week,and yesterday particularly, my body has suffered greatly.

I don’t know how anyone can live with chronic pain. My pain, while great, is intermittent. And for that I am immensely grateful. I work with people in chronic pain regularly. I always imagined that if I were unfortunate enough to suffer day in and day out with such pain, I would meditate a lot and devote myself to managing my pain. But the truth is, pain steals ones energy and life away from them. It’s a constant presence, making itself ever known. It never ends. And you know it.

Today, I’m trying my best to care for myself. I’m reminding myself that I can heal, that I have hurt in the past and gotten better, and I will get better this time too. I also looked at the last few weeks I’ve had and realized I’ve done too much. While I like to think of myself as young and full of unending energy..I’m really not that young, and I have my limits. Truth be told, my body has cried foul over and over again and I have just ignored it.

Lesson learned. Today I rest, today I heal. Today I am grateful for a supportive husband and for all the times I have been healthy and pain free.

love is spoken here


Acrylic on canvas

Advent hike


Spent the morning in Forest Park with my husband and our pup. We were lucky to have sun and mild temperatures, especially after days with intermittent downpours. All that rain is now creating lovely streams. If I could arrange it, I would spend time in the woods every single day.