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sowing and reaping






I visited my garden after a few days absence and found it flourishing. The potato plants are a bit out of control; I had to pull some just so as not to intrude on my neighbors plot. My snow peas(first image) have lovely purple blossoms and at last my squashes are showing some growth. I think I’m also going to have to buy another cage for the tomatoes for added support…and my lettuce is near perfect…save for the slugs, ugh.

Feeling grateful for my little growing space.

swimming up stream


mixed media on canvas



oil on canvas 30″X24″

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My husband just published his collection of short stories…reason to celebrate!!

in progress loon


this is a piece i keep revisiting…today I went for a complete overall. sanded it down to nothing and started over..

still working on ut though

found wood


I started this little piece on some found wood..inspired obviously by the last piece



finally had a day to’s what I’m working on today

summer is really here





I went to my community garden several times this week to water. I took Luka once as well, she was watered too…she LOVES  to play in the hose. I wish I could set her free to run about and play in the water, but this is a community garden so she get’s only a little bit of leashed water fun.

This is first real summer we’ve had in Portland in a very long time. We’ve got clear skies and warm days; today I rode y bike and felt like a kid again. The last several summers have been so cloudy and cold, my garden tomatoes wouldn’t even turn red. We Portlanders deserve a true summer and we may just be getting one…but in true Portland fashion people here will complain that it’s too hot and they miss their rain.  I can wait until October for the rain to start again…give me summer!



oil on canvas 16"x16"