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oil on canvas 28″X22″

photo-8Chubby Triggerfish oil on canvas 14″X11″

a painter who hasn’t painted in awhile

I want to paint.

I just haven’t. shoulder and its failure to heal..visitors..exhaustion..lack of inspiration..other things that must get done..depression

If one wants to be a painter, then one must paint. 

Sending out an intention…my body is healed, I am creative, I use my time wisely, I paint with abandon

summer blossoms


A gift from a fellow community gardener. I gave her butter lettuce…she gave me a bouquet. They really smell amazing, I think I got the better end of the deal.

I have a very good husband












For over six years I have kept a yellow Travel section from the Oregonian featuring  petroglyphs and pictographs found 90 miles up the Columbia Gorge from Portland. I have wanted to visit this place for even longer than I’ve kept this article. Saturday after work my wonderful husband took me there.

The petroglyphs that were open for viewing were ones saved from the flooding of the Columbia River caused by the building of the dam in The Dalles. I wasn’t able to see the ones actually in situ as you need to make a reservation for that and I work on the mornings the tours are offered. I was more than satisfied anyway. And as an added bonus, the petroglyphs share the park with Horsethief Lake, which I of course took a dip in.  First rule of any road trip, no matter how long…Bring a bathing suit.

It was a really spectacular day; it felt like an entire weekend packed into just a few hours.

All made possible by a husband who wanted to fulfill a years long dream of his wife.

Independence Day



For the first time since I started my new old job, Chris and I had a weekend off. Okay it was Wednesday and Thursday, but it’s my weekend, and more importantly it was two consecutive days off together. Before that we had one lonely single day off.

It was fantastic.

Wednesday was a day of errands and sleeping. But even that was really nice. I love having Chris home, even when I am essentially not paying any attention to him at all.

On Thursday, we we celebrated the 4th with friends near Hayden Island. I paddle boarded, we cruised the harbor in a little motorboat and had a feast dockside. It was lovely. I was with Chris :).

We headed home before the fireworks and had an early evening in. It was the first time ever I have felt rested and rejuvenated before I headed back to work. This is what people who have normal weekends with their family must feel like.