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Finally got into the studio…continued on my fish theme…

I had a bit of a dry spell, I suppose that is part of the process. It’s a part I have a hard time with. Then again, when the dry spell ends, there is an especially wonderful glee in the new found creativity.

the bounty



My little plot of land in the community garden is a wild mess. The squash vine is growing over one of the tomato plants. The cherry tomato  looks like a garden octopus arms creeping in every direction. Potatoes are rising from the earth and my pepper plants have fruited over and over….I’ve never once been able to get a pepper plant to produce anything. The cucumbers vines are everywhere and what little space left is taken by a variety of edible greens. I can’t believe how bountiful my garden is. I’ve eaten zucchini, greens, and tomatoes nearly every day.  woohoo!