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The Long Drive Day Six

I am ready to be in New Hampshire … we all are.


The Long Drive Day Five



Drove through 3 of the “I” states.. a long day in the car. We are ready for the driving to end.

The Long Drive Day Four


We made it thru Nebraska today..yay.

The Long Drive Day Three














A long day. We drove to Fort Collins today, in the car for a good 11 hours. from Idaho, to Utah, to Wyoming, to Colorado. We pushed ourselves so we could see my daughter (who lives in Fort Collins) before she left for a 5 day trip. We made it!

There was so much space today…lots of land, not so many people. Luka is doing so well, such a good dog, we’re very lucky.

And speaking of dogs; my daughter’s dog Was released from the vet hospital today after ingesting a bottle of Tylenol. Dog and girl were most happy to be together again.

A long day, good to be in a hotel bed right now…

The Long Drive Day Two










We made it into Idaho today. We are officially no longer Oregonians, we’re future New Hamshirites!

We started off slowly, having had breakfast with our friends at their magical home. Luka is confused a bit. She is remarkably calm in the car; but when we get out and one of us leaves to enter a restroom or go get food, she goes into worried herder mode. A few times today, Chris was actually close and in sight and she still was determined to keep us together. She is going to wear herself out with worry.

Tomorrow we head to Fort Collins to see my daughter, yay!!!

The Long Drive Day One













We left Portland this morning.

Luka settled into the backseat and knew immediately that something was up.; her bed was in the backseat; the car was full.. she was quiet.

We headed down to Eugene first so we could say good bye to Christopher and have one last meal with him. We had lunch with the lovely Cami and Rob and their kids Kate and Nick.

Onward to Bend. The drive there was so beautiful … the pictures really do no justice. we’re staying with our dear friends Leslie and Tyler, and their pup Milo. Their new home is quite magical. pictures of it tomorrow. They are both incredibly creative and hard working .. their home is a absolute reflection.

it’s late in the night.. I can’t sleep but must try

We’re moving


To New Hampshire.

My husband was offered and accepted a job in Gorham, NH. We leave Monday morning, with dog and clothes, and a cooler for a long drive across the country. The Oregon Trail in reverse.

I am thrilled! Yes, I know it’s going to get cold and winters are long. I know! But I have loved New Hampshire since my college days. I have wonderful memories of places with magical names…Franconia, Wonalancet, Winnipesaukee, Ossipee. They call “valleys, ” “notches!” I know, I know..I’m probably romanticizing it a bit, but I’m excited to live in a small town.

Portland has been lovely, but the city is getting large and crowded. Yesterday I went to lunch with my brother at a taco place and stood in line for 40 minutes just to order, not to eat. Finding work with a schedule that allowed me some free time with family was the killer. I worked every weekend for a year waiting for my schedule to change, so that Chris and I might spend more than a few hours together at a time. It was really awful.

I’m looking forward to a slower pace. I looking forward to quieter setting. Even with long winters. There is a history in New England that I’m excited to explore; there are rivers and lakes to swim in. And loons to listen to.

Off for new adventures!



The color of this is so much prettier in real life, the lighting was poor.


I’ve been melancholy. Beyond melancholy. For lots of reasons and no particular reason, truly. If you look up my name in a baby book it says either “melancholy” or “sorrowful one.” Seriously. Thanks mom and dad. I’m thinking about changing my name to Sunny or Poppy or Jubilee. How can you you be sad when you’re named Joy or Daisy? It’s more than a name’s history, DNA…. And just life.

So I’ve been knitting. It’s been keeping me going. Barely, but enough. Thank God for yarn and needles and good patterns to follow.



It’s been a long trip. I think we’ve held up remarkably well considering it all. So much driving, so much pressure and stress, a lot of unbearable waiting, uncertainty.
We will end up where we are supposed to be.