Discovering my home town Gorham, New Hampshire



The start of Mt Surprise.

IMG_4628 IMG_4627A sweet pedestrian and pup bridge I found.IMG_4626These are everywhere right now!

Gorham is small town, around 3000 people. It’s in northern New Hampshire on the Northern end of the White Mountains. There is so much to see here, so much to discover. Every day I wake up ready to explore my new home. Life is good now and I am awake and aware to all of the goodness.


oil on canvas 30″x30″

I’m going to be showing my art at the Gorham, NH Art Walk on August 12. While I’ve had my art up in caf├ęs/galleries.. this is new for me. I’ll be physically present and will be engaged with those looking at my work and the other artists around me.
I usually hear feed back second hand or via an email. I’m a bit nervous, but it’s good for me and my work to step out of my comfort zone.
This piece will be up for the show.