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The Falls in Jackson



One of my favorite towns in NH is Jackson. This afternoon I made my first trip to the falls there. Beautiful! a bit slippery, I wiped out once, so did my poor pup.
I’ll be back..

the rest of the day

We took an early dinner in Jackson at the Eagle Mountain House. I love this place, it’s so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The inn has a large porch shared by a patio restaurant and about 20 rocking chairs for just hanging out in. It was a perfect afternoon.

20140720-200129-72089831.jpg20140720-200131-72091057.jpgWe then took the long way home through Crawford Notch. We were lucky enough to have a fox join us and got to watch him for awhile. He was quite healthy and active. It was a treat! This was the second time we’ve seen a fox in this area; I believe it might be the same beautiful guy.

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Proteus Falls…in the hood

20140720-195247-71567046.jpgTook a quick little trek into the woods today. One of the electricians who has been doing some work on the house told me about this spot. It was close to home and a big bang for the buck. The trail was .1 miles…and it was lovely the whole way.






Source to Sea Day Six on the Androscoggin River

I did two legs of the Androscoggin River Watershed Council’s Source to Sea far. Hopefully I will get to do a few more days. These are pictures are from my second trek…from Shelburne NH to Gilead ME. It really was a beautiful day and a great stretch of the river.

The Androscoggin River used to be one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. Twenty years ago you could smell the river from a distance and children grew up being told to stay away from it’s shores. The Source to Sea event helps to highlight this river and the efforts taken to clean it up.

I highly recommend this event and spending time on this beautiful water.


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continuing to Ditch the Tech



I’m still working on this piece. I’ve finished the body and am now moving  onto the arms. It’s the first sweater I’ve made for myself…it’s time I’ve knitted for me!

This sweater is from Doomsday Knits..lots of great projects in the book, this is my favorite.

unpacking a lifetime of stuff

This recent move is my 23rd. I have lived in no less than 23 homes. I am not counting all the temporary/in-between houses I resided in as well…like the apartment my family lived in for the summer while we looked for housing in Hawaii, or the mobile home we lived in while my parents house hunted in San Antonio, or the times I lived with friends or in hotels or cottages…the impermanent places. One might argue that after 23 homes, there was no permanence really. But in my heart, each of these “places” became “homes.” This is the life of a child of a career military man.

With every move came packing and unpacking. Sometimes we stored our possessions only to recover them years later and find we had outgrown our stuff. It’s been three months that I have been without the majority of my possessions. They arrived from their hibernation in a storage unit and their long trek across the country just a few days ago. As I have unpacked I have rediscovered items I have carried with me one way or another since I was a child.

These include:

a deck of cards

my teddy bear and Raggedy Ann

various pins from races/events I entered as a kid

my Baptism dress

my green yoyo

a little blue plexiglass box with a bead, a dairy key, and small squares of fabric inside

my childhood rosaries( you really can’t get rid of a rosary can you?)

the very first crochet hook I ever owned, given to me by my Grandmother

an afghan I began as a kid and completed when I was in high college(crochet with the above mentioned hook)

my flokati rug doll from Turkey

my childhood scrapbook

I am sure I will find some more as I unpack. I cannot part with any of these things. Often I feel as if I am unconnected to any place on this earth, that I have never been in a place long enough to be noticed or remembered. These pieces of my past remind me that I have an identity and presence, they are tangible reminders that I am connected to my own history.

Home at Last…pipe dreams do come true

l65979544-m0xd-w400_h300_q80It’s glorious. I love everything about my new home.  Really, everything!

The beautiful wood floors, the stain glass windows( see the previous post), the large yard, the once barn/now garage/soon to be art studio, the window seats in the living room (my favorite place to sit) my doorbell, the lovely perfectly sized kitchen(not too small..not too big), three bedrooms, the ceiling fans (so nice here), the lilac bush and the giant maple, the front porch…the back porch, the neighborhood, the next door neighbor, the town, the beautiful White Mountains that surround us…

Chris took me on a drive last night to see moose, still elusive. As we were heading home he said something to the effect that we had sacrificed a lot to get here. It’s true. We’d talked and planned and acted on a dream of coming east for about a year and half. We gave up the security of jobs and friends and a known way of living for a giant unknown. We have spent a lot of money and energy to realize our dream, our scheme, our plan for a different kind of life. We have been each other’s sole companion and confident, cheerleader and best friend. More than a few judged what we were doing. They thought us fool hearty…that we  needed to be careful..have more of a definite plan. We did what we did. Sometimes you have to take a chance and leap. We’re still leaping, there are still some unknowns, but what happens tomorrow is always unknown.

Today, I know that I love where I am living. For the first time, truly, I feel home. I am in a place of my own choosing. Today, there is no place else I’d rather be.

The windows in my world






We moved into our new home yesterday. After 77 days of travel and motel living, we are settling.

I’m in love with our new home. It’s a 1910 Victorian. The pictures above are of some of the windows. The couple who owned the home before us restored it beautifully. The windows are original; they were lovingly returned to working condition and are such a treasure.

More pictures to come … after much unpacking, laundry and cleaning.