I really do love where I live

 Took the yellow trail in Shelburne up to Mt. Crag. It was a beautiful day, a bit humid, but really not too bad. Luka was ecstatic. Then again, when is she not where hiking is concerned.IMG_5072.JPG



Evidence of fall approaching; from the red leaf to that scent in the air.IMG_5074.JPG

The view at the top was spectacular; these pictures really do no justice.IMG_5083.JPG


evidence of a woodpecker


and of course, an after hike dip in the lake.IMG_5103.JPG

A very successful outing.IMG_5096.JPG


i am home

The couple at the post office this morning was waiting on a package of provisions for their next leg on Appalachian trail. That they were hikers was clear. They were on an adventure; but then, so is everyone.

So many people come up to this area to hike the White Mountains, accumulating 4000 foot peaks like charms on a  bracelet. I came here to live.

I am settling into my new home. I want to see and know every corner of my new landscape. Summer is slipping away and I know that winter will be cold and long and exploration will be slowed. I already find myself revisiting  places I’ve been, wanting to know them intimately. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the vastness of this land..so many trails, and rivers, creeks and waterfalls. How will I ever get to know it all?

For the very first time in my life, I want to be..want to feel..attached to a place. I am choosing to be home. I am choosing to stay, connect, and put down roots. I cannot say that I have ever done this.  I have lived my life as a perpetual visitor, never once have I really been home.

Until now.


The Path


“Do not waste your time and energy wishing for a different set of circumstances”

I am never alone

I am a part of a whole

so vast it is unknowable with my own thoughts

I do not need to understand

I came here not for understanding

not to grow

not to become

or even to learn

I came here to Be

fully present, wholly here

with open eyes and heart

and with compassion

as only myself

My dog would make a great personal trainer

Luka is the best dog ever. And she’s in shape. She kicked my booty today on what I thought would be a simple hike. 1.3 miles…that was it..how hard could it be? Well if the 1.3 miles is straight up, it’s harder than you think. And if you’re a bit out of shape, it’s harder still.

Luka is in phenomenal shape. She went and up and down that trail always coming back to me with looks of encouragement..”Are you coming?” “Let’s just see what’s around the corner; just one more corner, you can do it!””Hey, I’ve doubled back for you at least 30 times, if I can do it, you can too, keep going.”


We took the lookout trail in Randolph. It’s great because it offers a view of the Presidential Range and the trailhead is right across the road from a nice lake for after hike swimming.IMG_4825.JPG

I need to get into better aerobic shape; seriously, I thought I was having a heart attack at one point I was so winded. I then decided that I needed to slow down and not necessarily keep Luka’s pace. She’s got four legs; I’ve only got two. The viewpoint was smaller than I had expected, but it was lovely and I felt relatively safe so high up. We were high!


IMG_4835.JPGDown the trail was much quicker and Luka ran, which meant that I ran. It was actually pretty fun. I love running (well…jogging, or plodding quickly) down trails. We were rewarded with beautiful flowers and a quick and wonderful dip in Durand Lake.

I can honestly say, if I hadn’t had Luka with me, I probably wouldn’t have made it to the viewpoint. She keeps me going..in fact when we (I mean I) were done, Luka was ready for more.