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Luka Haiku

pure effortless love
without agenda or thought
single minded heart


I’ve been and off and on vegetarian for my adult life. I am not sure what finally made it sink in now, finally click. But I can no longer eat animals. Can’t. Won’t. I wish I could have figured it out sooner.Maybe the video below is what helped me. (It’s not an awful slaughterhouse video, just a lovely mother cow wanting to love her baby)

Mother cow hides calf


This an acrylic and oil pastel piece I completed at a Sip and Craft event at the WREN Makersspace studio in Berlin. I really love it and am inspire to paint more landscapes as well as use more mediums.


Blue Footed Booby

oil and acrylic on canvas

I’m still working on this guy but I like how he’s coming along already.

Into the Wild Indeed, when life is really good


I had a really great weekend.

Sometimes when things are really wonderful it is hard to write about them. I am afraid of leaving some part of the goodness out.   In leaving out the details I fear I’ll feel ungracious and ungrateful. Right now, I am feeling very full and very blessed.

My art show opened this past Friday. Coincidentally it was also my birthday. I am sharing the March showing at The Gallery at WREN in Bethlehem, New Hampshire with Lucy Golden, a jeweler. Lucy makes beautiful pieces inspired by the natural world..mostly insects, but flowers too and other things. Her pieces are bright and whimsical, a lot like my paintings. Our work was very complimentary.

Below are images from the show, in no particular order. It was a such a wonderful night. Many of my new friends came. People were so kind and very generous with praise. I felt very very lucky.

13115_797093820339720_3182496319034162111_n 603848_797109517004817_3531582410590251145_n 997029_797113200337782_3292232015345423365_n 1655845_797093747006394_7629801253745488757_n 1924935_797096010339501_6591727351800915371_n 10154009_797109207004848_4067568902483782678_n 10432556_797113070337795_7098609156984983142_n 10475266_797114087004360_5876028722646375734_n 10502207_797113537004415_7906549701758493108_n 10689508_797093700339732_2660234584437799025_n 11012376_797095283672907_6263301356961522515_n 11024688_797108847004884_7418203212066403631_n 11033173_797094023673033_2489588420355034893_n 11034239_797093730339729_5308366880789046765_n 11036707_797109087004860_1733337643844188492_n 11038726_797109740338128_4247238694490090659_n 11041593_797095217006247_3764069634997655733_n 11041757_797093250339777_289569399464941250_n 11052518_797095313672904_5185052396119948904_n 11059870_797095267006242_4891960800400985581_n 11060249_797095853672850_1018587820228616965_n



I painted a loon several years ago, that I loved and then traded with a friend. I’ loved that loon and have tried to “redo” it several times…to no avail. This piece is the closest I’ve come; I love the wing especially, even more than that first loon.

The beginning of the end and the beginning again

This week I will mark my 49th birthday.

I know.

I’m actually looking forward to 50. I look forward to feeling free enough to be who I am. I wish I were there yet, but in reality I am not. I worry about what people think, still, and way too much. I have put off my dreams and adventures for too many reasons to count..but really I can only cast blame on myself.

This next year I vow to be more courageous. I will put myself on my the top of priority list. Really. Truly.

Below is my list of what I hope to accomplish
1. dancing weekly
2. a regular yoga practice
3. promoting myself as an artist
4. painting..expanding my skill as an artist
5. spending a long day in the woods several times a months
6. regular hikes with Luka
7. eating more fresh vegetables…DAILY; eating better in general
8. planting a garden..even a small one
9. communicating more with my children
10. letting go of stress
11. setting boundaries
12. letting go of stuff..decluttering
13. being present with those I’m with
14. becoming a better listener
15. less time on this computer
16. journaling regularly
17. swimming every chance I get this summer
18. being kinder to myself
19. saying yes more often to opportunities
20. saying no to obligations I really don’t have energy or desire for
21. projecting and supporting positive thought, actions, words

I’m sure I could add to this list, but these are the most important to me right now. They also lead to creating the life I want and to becoming the person I want to be.