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First Time Curator

I curated my first art show!

It was the for the grand opening of the WREN Makers Studio in Berlin, New Hampshire. It was harder than I imagined, and it turned out better than I imagine as well. The title of the show was Northern Exposure: Celebrating the North Country Artist. all the artists in the show had a connection to the North Country.

Below are images of most of the work!

IMG_7946 IMG_7955 IMG_7943 IMG_7938 IMG_7940 IMG_7936 IMG_7949-0 IMG_7954 IMG_7951 IMG_7933 IMG_7948 IMG_7950 IMG_7934 IMG_7937 IMG_7956 IMG_7939 IMG_7942 IMG_7947 IMG_7952 IMG_7941 IMG_7958 IMG_7953 IMG_7957 IMG_7944

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  1. Congratulations, it looks really good!

    June 13, 2015

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