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Farm II

oil on canvas   


I think I’ll have to keep this one

Work in Progress

I love to show the progression of a painting… so much under painting that gets little recognition in the end but is key to the richness.

Ewe and Ewe

oil on canvas 22″x28


Oil on canvas 20″x24″


oil on canvas 

one of my subtler pieces 😉


oil on canvas

I work on several paintings at a time… layering, waiting for paint to dry, making changes. Sometimes they finish themselves all at once which makes it seem like I’ve had a burst of creative energy and painted 5 paintings in a day. It’s just not the case 😀.

Barn friends

oil on canvas 28″x22″

a whimsical piece for the cat and mouse lover.

Farm Sweet Farm

A piece for a March show I’m doing at 42 Maple.. I call it “Farm to Canvas” inspired by the farm to table movement here.