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I’m starting a new practice on fb ..I’m calling it Mudita Thursday.. I will share these post here as well..spreading the delight.
“Patanjali and the Buddha taught the practice of mudita as an antidote to the feeling that your happiness is threatened or diminished by the happiness of others. Mudita, the third of the brahmaviharas, or yogic teachings on love, is the ability to take active delight in others’ good fortune or good deeds.”
So every Thursday I will celebrate the success of those around will be pretty easy as I live in community of incredibly talented and creative and hard working people.
My first active delight goes to Christina and Brian Lefebvre and their amazing airbnb White Mountain Bungalo. I visited Christina this morning at the bungalow and was BLOWN AWAY by it’s charm and their attention to detail. Seriously, I want to live there…I really do. The home is beautiful and inviting, comfortable and peaceful. It’s filled with creative and eclectic decor which all serve a useful purpose and just adds to cool factor. Nothing was forgotten, everything in this home is thoughtful and well considered.
So much joy at sharing this with you!! So incredibly amazed by your talents Christina and Brian!!

Placed and Found

I’ve been wanting to do this little project for awhile. I hike regularly, several times a week, if not daily. I’m going to start leaving little pieces of art for others to find. My canvases will be rocks I’ve gathered. These will be easy finds, not like a geocache (which incidentally, I love searching for); …just a simple, small gift. On the back of each rock, I’ll put my website and if someone finds my rock, they can check in and let me know in the comments sections. What they do with the rock art is up to them; they can certainly keep it or they can leave it for others to find or even pick it and deposit someplace else.

I’ve started with these simple pieces..nothing fancy..yet..we’ll see how it goes.

Happy hiking!!




P1013089.jpgPOUNCE oil on canvas 22″X28″


P1013101.jpgWHITE MOUNTAIN SPOTTED COW oil on canvas 20″X20″



P1013092.jpgNORTH COUNTRY COW oil on canvas 22″X28


OWL oil on canvas 14″X18″


WALTER oil on canvas 18″X14″