IMG_3494.jpgAwen mixed media on 14″X14″ canvas

Welcome 2018

It’s been over a year since my last blog post. An entire year. I guess I needed a break from writing. This past year has been one full of challenge and change and I think more  than anything I was just tired. Something had to give;  I needed more rest and I just let this time go.

It’s funny, I don’t feel especially sad about it. My life was full in so many ways. I painted a lot, I took up pottery. I knitted and hiked and did home improvement. I just didn’t record any of that in my blog. Not a once.

This blog has evolved over the years.  I began it during another difficult period in my life. I wrote a lot of poetry then, the blog was a way of reflecting on my life. Recently my  blog was a way of sharing my art, although I haven’t been that great about sharing the blog. I just let people find it. This year I hope to focus my efforts on not only sharing my art through my blog but sharing what it is to be an artist.

A renewed focus needs a new moniker. So  I ring in the new year with Deidre Blair fine art and craft, and release Liminal Space and Everywhere Else.

Blessings and love and renewal.


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