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The Artist’s Hand

I’ve been working on a series of vessels at the pottery studio. I’ve been doing a lot experimenting, especially with texture and glazing. Above are my spoils so far. I’m in love with them.

Bluebird Shares her Secrets

Oil on 20″x24″

When Spirits Meet

Mixed media on 24″x36″

I have been wanting to paint this piece for such a long time. I practice, live, a nature based spiritual life. At the base of this practice is relationship. My relationship with the world around me.. not just people but place and land and earth and all of its creation. Relationship feeds and fuels inspiration.

My particular love of owls is no secret.

This piece is homage to that relationship.

Of Life and Art


Sun on the Hen House
I live in a pretty little house at the foot of the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire. The backdrop of which provides boundless inspiration. I have an ever expanding garden I tend to and a small flock of chickens. We are only allowed 6 hens in town per household. I have 3, I had four until this winter. I call my little flock “the girls”…”the ladies” ..””my hens.” I love them all.

The girls have literally been cooped up for the past few weeks. The bitter cold, the non stop polar winds.. it was too much. Just before the new year I lost Euphemia. She was a frail hen to begin with, one eyed and lacking in neck feathers… the odds were against her. Mille Fleur Bantams are not known for their hardiness; they are known for their feathery feet and bright disposition.

I may be a little like my hens. Winter has been tough on me too. But the sun is out and the temperatures are up and we are all out to play today.
Rest In Peace Euphemia… you were a good hen. May your eternal coop be warm and your feed dish full of meal worms.

English Bluebell

Commissioned for trade

It’s so very sweet in person..

New Show at Forage Market

Yesterday my friend Meryl and I made the trek over to Lewiston Maine to hang my art at Forage Market, a lovely cafe in the center of town. It’s nice to be able to show my art outside of Gorham. The space was beautiful and busy, the staff was friendly and helpful. And the food was pretty amazing..the cappuccinos were perfect! Pictures below.

My art will be there through March.


Super Moon over The Whites

Inspired by this week’s magnificent moon! The wind and cold this week in Northern New Hampshire have been relentless and brutal. But cold nights makes for clear and brilliant skies.

I love where I live, I am always inspired.


Pottery as Meditation Practice

Since October of last year  I have become a key holder at Assemble, a Maker’s Studio in Berlin. I have fallen in love with clay and making things. I go at least 4 mornings a week(providing that there is no winter storm!!)…building, glazing, thinking of nothing else but what’s in front of me.  It’s a beautiful thing.

One of the best things about Assemble is the community that comes there and makes. There is support and creativity and humor and kindness. It is really one of the most loving and generous spirited places I have ever been. I have learned so much and grown as artist.

There are so many variables in ceramics that one never really knows the outcome of one’s effort until the final kiln firing and the lid is lifted in a revelation…what has been created after all? From the moment the wet clay comes out of the bag, so may things effect that final outcome..some intentional, some not, some seen, so many unseen. One can only be in the moment with pottery. It’s a true letting go. And as an artist, it is a gift to create without a clear agenda. The roads on my pottery map lead to undiscovered lands. It is a trip I will take time and time again.






  IMG_3494.jpgAwen mixed media on 14″X14″ canvas

Welcome 2018

It’s been over a year since my last blog post. An entire year. I guess I needed a break from writing. This past year has been one full of challenge and change and I think more  than anything I was just tired. Something had to give;  I needed more rest and I just let this time go.

It’s funny, I don’t feel especially sad about it. My life was full in so many ways. I painted a lot, I took up pottery. I knitted and hiked and did home improvement. I just didn’t record any of that in my blog. Not a once.

This blog has evolved over the years.  I began it during another difficult period in my life. I wrote a lot of poetry then, the blog was a way of reflecting on my life. Recently my  blog was a way of sharing my art, although I haven’t been that great about sharing the blog. I just let people find it. This year I hope to focus my efforts on not only sharing my art through my blog but sharing what it is to be an artist.

A renewed focus needs a new moniker. So  I ring in the new year with Deidre Blair fine art and craft, and release Liminal Space and Everywhere Else.

Blessings and love and renewal.