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Build the New

Every day is an exercise in building the new ❤️

After the Rain Falls

Covid is getting to me. Admittedly, I haven’t been as effected by the pandemic as others.. I don’t have school aged kids, I was able to get unemployment when my work place closed, I’m a natural homebody and introvert, I had time to finish hasn’t been awful.

I am at work again and tourist season is in bloom and it’s harder now. More effort, more stress, more worry, more irritation. I am ready to not wear a mask 7-8 hours a day. I am ready to travel and see people and hug. But I can’t.

So this painting.. is hope. That this will end and there will be brighter days…

All my Relations


We’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

Did I fail to mention this? We, the United States are also facing increased civil unrest. That phrase, “civil unrest” is insufficient.. and awkward. So much is going on.. none of which I have said about in this blog which has lain fallow for a year. How does one catch up on all that happened..who am I to comment on any of it. I paint happy things, not always as a distraction, but as way seeing the light, the positive, the hope that there are better days to come.. sometimes I do paint to forget it all.

global pandemic.covid 19. Black Lives Matter. Th names of so many black men and women killed by many I fear naming a few , leaving out so’s too’s heartbreaking.. 2020 is heartbreaking is on so many levels. My own personal life filled with heart break and trauma, too much to explain or come to terms I push forward instead.

Here is what I am is what I am working on.

Nature is a powerful teacher

My words create my reality.. use my words wisely, kindly

I alone am responsible for my response

Everyday is sacred

There is room and need for ritual every day.

Love..when all else fails.. love..

My presence and my actions effect the world around me

We are all connected

Bring joy into my life.. seek it.. do what I love

This is a bit of a ramble, I know. I remain committed to engaging with the world in loving and kind ways, my art, this blog, included.

blessings and peace to everyone ❤️






Art in Troubled Times

It’s August of 2020

I haven’t updated in over a year. But I have been painting.  Art, my own and others, has sustained me and continues to sustain me.

So much hard life has been happening.. personally, within my family, worldwide. Really hard stuff. Life can be brutal at times and while I tend to be an optimistic person  I’ve come to learn and accept that good doesn’t beget good and bad doesn’t beget bad. Awful things happen to good people and awful people get rewarded all the time. Life isn’t fair.. if it were fair it would be called fair.. it’s not.. it’s called life.

There have been beautiful and bright spots in all the pain. Love and friendship, nature and animal companions. I live in a beautiful corner of the world, isolated from much of the worldly chaos. I planted a garden and finished some really needed house projects. And I’ve continued to paint and create. I have many blessings and my daily work is to focus on those blessing.

blessings and love to anyone who reads this..

below are some recent  works ❤️