one of those days


This is my first passport photo, circa 1968…I was having a rough day.

I’m having a rough day today as well, I feel today like I did then. Here’s my top 10 list of things that have made my week miserable so far…and it’s only Monday.

1. I’ve made 3 separate phone calls to 911 in a 2 day period. (none of which involved me personally having an emergency, just me personally witnessing an emergency that required a 911 call)

2. I offended someone via an email, unintentionally.

3. The person in #2 above is pissed.

4. Despite my apology, the person in #2 and #3 is now sending passive aggressive emails directed at me.

5. My injured shoulder is at its worst.

6. I have no days off this week between my two jobs.

7. My air conditioning is broken…which means 1. no air conditioning in a very hot West facing apartment…2..$$$ to fix it.

8. I’m missing my grown children terribly much…my son’s birthday is this month, which just makes me sad that I won’t spend it with him.

9. The new, high anticipated, dog park just opened…and to be honest, it really sucks…it’s hot, there’s no water for the dogs, it’s very tiny, our ball rolled under the fence 3 times because it’s just poorly designed. Incidentally, I’m not the only one that says it was designed by someone who obviously doesn’t own a dog.

10. It’s only Monday…


Things that didn’t make the list..getting yelled at by two parents of kids I serve, my stomach issues flaring up, missing my husband as we work opposite schedules and never have a day off together, …I should stop…

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