Crawford Notch







Took a short ride into North Conway today.  We woke up late; the extra sleep was much needed. We got a text from our real estate agent that our offer on a house in Gorham was accepted. Yes, it was quick, but the house is beautiful and so close to Chris’s job. We’re both so excited.

After getting up late, we got some business-y things done…we’ve got a lot of business-y stuff to do still. Then Chris dropped off some off some things at the school he’s going to be working at and we drove into Conway looking for kayaks. We didn’t get any kayaks, but we learned a lot and decided that if we are to get kayaks, we’re going to first need a roof rack on the station wagon to transport them. Alas..

We both weren’t feeling our best so we headed back to Whitefield. We drove through Crawford Notch and Chris declared it the most beautiful place he had ever seen. It was pretty spectacular. We stopped to take a few snapshots and hiked a very short path around the backside of the pond. The ducks in the picture were very used to be fed by visitors and immediately swam up to us as we approached the river.

Feeling very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.



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