my favorite place in the world


I walk on these paths and in these woods every chance I get. If I could spend my days as a forest dweller, all would be always right in my world. I cannot tell you what it is. There is peace. There is life uninfluenced by materialism and ego. When I enter the trees, everything else drops away and I am safe in myself.


I love the picture above..Luka is there, just behind the tree.


That white spot on the water is a single gull. I didn’t think gulls came up this far north.


But apparently they do. Thirty minutes after we arrived at the lake, six more gulls showed up. If you look closely, they’re in the picture above. They proceeded to do this amazing dance, swooping and diving; I had never seen anything like was as if they were celebrating. The single white gull joined them and they flew off together. It was as if they had lost their friend, found him, and rejoiced.

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