A day in the yard, three days of pain

Monday I had the gift of a beautiful day.  Sunny and in the seventies.  I spent the entire day in my backyard, save one trip to the dog park.  I ripped out the parasitic hops to the heartbreak of many.  But there isn’t enough hops to do anything with, and the roots had strangled and killed my raspberries as well as other assorted plants.  In its place are kiwi, blueberries, and new raspberry canes, with room left for strawberries and something else.  I installed garden boxes and planted veggies, cleared another space for later plantings, and moved my fig tree out of the green house.  It was a fabulous day. One I have been fantasizing about for a while.

Then I woke up the next morning…..in a stranger’s body, sore from head to toe, literally.  But we reap what we sow in all things.  And I am grateful for every ache, thankful for the gift of a beautiful day well spent!

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