a few things I’ve noticed these days

I have been staying close to home these days when not working, cleaning up  my yard, reading, taking walks with Luka.  I did spend a lovely day with Richard, riding on the back end of his scooter, visiting the Rose Garden and exploring the city.  My life has gotten small and slow, and I feel as if I can remember every moment of it. In slowing down, I have noticed life more.

I’ve watched the sun rise and set in my yard, watching the light as I looked for the best place to plant my tomatoes.  I’ve been surprised by the sprouting of my bok choy and discovered two birds’ nests  which had fallen from trees above.  I met neighbors I have lived next to for two years but never had met before.  I’ve seen my fig tree finally find its footing and take to its new place in the garden.  I’ve planted potatoes and watched the ground above them go from brown to green as they’ve taken over the green house.  I’ve trained my kiwi to moved up a random piece of fishing line, and could count every new leaf.  I’ve watched and wondered what will bring strawberries to my plants.

I am lifted by these moments, having waited for them for so long.  Too many years spent rushing about, noticing little but the interior of my car and my growing impatience.  Years of wanting to scream, “stop!”  I wanted nothing more then than to watch my children grow.  I fought to find those moments, caught up in a whirlwind of too much.  The fight left me exhausted, with precious moments preserved in my memory when I was able to live with a consciousness and not a momentum.

This past week I talked with my daughter, a rare event as she is working in a remote area of Alaska.  I listened to her as she spoke of her horses her love and patience with them.  My son is away as well.  Just a few emails with a hello and an “I love you mother,” make my day.  Simple, small moments..they are everything.  Everything.

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