a light

My semester is almost over.  Just one more class, one more test.  This has been the least stressful of my semesters so far.  Likely because I learned some lessons and tried some new survival techniques. They are as follows:

1.  Sleep. Staying up late into the night, reading and working, only leaves a tired student struggling to stay awake and focused the next day.  Getting a full night of sleep, left me able to be more productive during the day.

2. Eat.  Breakfeast, lunch, and Dinner.  Eat well.  It’s fuel.

3. Set small goals.  Write a little on that paper each day, rather than tackling it all on one day.  This really worked well for my studio classes.

4. Honor my limits. I stopped comparing myself to my classmates.  I know what I am capable of and I work to that.

5. Remember…this is about learning, not about getting the A.  I had to remind myself of that several times.

6. Be grateful.  I’m in Art School! How lucky am I!

One more class, one more test…yippee!

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