a prayer for the people of Haiti

A devastating earthquake hit Haiti yesterday.  The capital city Port Au Prince is destroyed, estimates say half a million people are dead.  In a country with little infrastructure there is really no way of knowing the extent of the damage, the number of lost lives, the loss of life to come. The pictures and stories coming out are hard to take in.  How a country as poor as Haiti is going to recover, how people are going to make it day to day are questions that have no answers.  I think about to Hurricane Katrina and the people effected by it.  In a country with all the resources possible, there are still place that have not recovered and never will.  Last year my daughter went on a mission trip to Haiti.  Never had she seen such poverty, never had she fallen in such love with a place and a people.

There is much I do not understand.  I send thoughts of compassion, love and healing.

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