a wishin’ and hopin’

I’m a worrier. It’s the thing I like least about myself, besides my nose. This last year has been one of lots of change and projects and events, all perfect ingredients for a big worry pie. Selling my house has been the biggest source of anxiety since I don’t remember when. God bless house sellers and buyers. It’s a trial, it is. And, without jinxing myself, things are coming into place for this one adventure to come to a nice end. Offers have been made and accepted and now it’s inspection time and paperwork. These are my wishes..

everything works out
the lovely new home owners at my sweet Halsey house love it as much as I have and do
that cpb and I love our new digs as well as we begin a new chapter
that moving is easy
that my Luka likes high rises
that our realtor still likes us despite my neediness and constant worrying

My prayer..God, keep us in your embrace, I need you holding me together. All is as it to be, let me remember this…amen

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