A Year in Review

I used to keep an end of the year list of things I had accomplished, experienced, made, done… you get the idea. I stopped doing this a few years ago.. but am returning to the practice.

So 2020 ..you brought a year of challenges. A pandemic, an election, a divided country.. a new way of living we are still coming to terms with and learning how to move through.

But here are the gifts and challenges and adventures you brought. In no particular order.

Finished a crocheted afghan

Completed every Sunday NYT crossword (and a few others) with David

Went to Damariscotta Maine

Held the 3rd annual holiday art pop up

Visited David’s mom and sister

Went to Vermont

Walked across a frozen lake

Learned to backcountry ski and found my new outdoor sport

Painted and sold a lot of paintings.. I should count

Held a few paint and sips

Made some pottery

Hiked.. not as much as I should have.. but all were lovely

Swam as many times as I could in the rivers and lakes near me

Kayaked Christine Lake

Saw a comet

Taught yoga

Worked through a pandemic

Was quarantined

Watched a lot of movies/series on Netflix and Prime..

Learned to make porchetta

Finished the bathroom in my home

Knitted a few hats

Made a calendar with my art

Made bags with my art

Sewed curtains

Hosted an Airbnb, then rented it out when covid hit

Repaired the entire bedroom ceiling in the Airbnb after a raccoon gave birth in the attic

Lost my cat, found my cat

Planted a garden..flowers and veggies

Cleaned all the trash off the terraces in my backyard..so much trash

Saw a bear.. twice

Designed a tattoo

Got a tattoo

Prayed..a lot

Spent a wonderful amount of time with Daivd

Read two books..maybe three.. I need to read more

Called my parents nearly everyday since the pandemic

Gathered more house plants

Went to a bonfire more than once

Fat tire biked..on the snow

Watched otters on Durand Lake


Went to the top of Pine mountain finally

Lost a friend

Cried a lot

Voted in a presidential election..Biden won!

There were a lot of gifts and happy moments in 2020.. a lot of hard too.

May 2021 be gentler..❤️

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