A Year of Living Simply

I have too much stuff.

I have said this before.  In fact I have said this for too long.  I have finally decided to be committed to doing something about it. I just finished watching “Long Way Round” the movie documenting Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s motorcycle trip around the world.  Their journey rekindled my desire to live more authentically.  A piece of that means living with less…less physical stuff.

I spend a great deal of my time, taking care of my things.  I have dishes filling my dishwasher right now, which seems impossible as my kitchen is packed with more dishes.  I have mounds of dirty laundry to wash; and yet a closet full of clothes I never seems to wear.  I have book shelves of books I was going to read ‘one day.’ I have boxes of momentos saved for reasons and sentimentalities I cannot explain.  I’m embarrassed about the quantity of yarn I have and exercise clothes. When is the last time I even exercised? And why does a woman in Portland, Oregon need more than one swimsuit, really?

I decided to follow Jamie Lee Curtis and limit my wardrobe.  She apparently wears only black and white.  I could live with that.  Chris, my boyfriend, loves me in black.  In fact he has said  I rock black. And the truth is, I find myself wearing the same outfits over and over again. A lot of them are black.  I once posted a blog about an artist who wore the same dress every day for year, she mixed it up a bit with scarves and tights, but it was the same dress. I can do anything for a year.

Today is the day…lots of moving and packing up stuff. Today is day one of clearing away the excess.  I’m giving myself one week to purge.  And then I will begin my year long experiment of living with less.

Chris, just opened the fridge, and by the smell of it, I will begin the cleansing there.

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