Ahimsa and the new year

Do No Harm

Why is it easier to be kinder, gentler, more patient, and loving with others than it is to ourselves?Today is a day for making resolutions and as such I will make one.


I started out the day with the best of intentions. I took Luka for a lovely, albeit freezing cold, walk in the woods this morning. I came home and made a large pot of kitcheree and a batch of fresh vegetable and citrus juice. And then…then my necked tweaked for no apparent reason. It was a nervy tweak, completely random, horribly painful. Yes, my low back has been “outish” all week forcing me to wear a low back brace at work. And yes, my right shoulder is a mess, due to overworking as a massage therapist…and maybe, maybe I had some wheat and corn, in the same night. But the neck tweak? Really?

I’ve cried too many nights, every night because the pain has been unending. I can’t remember when I last felt “normal.” I know I’m over doing..and yet I continue to overdo it. And now, my body has forced my hand.. I can’t keep up at this pace. I can’t work tomorrow, I can barely sit.

I pulled out my yoga mat, gentle stretches..stretches I should have been doing all along. I laid on my back,hands on my belly, and took deep breathes. Then I reached for a yoga book and opened to a page on ahimsa. Kindness and non violence….

It’s includes me.

So this year, I will practice non violence on myself. I will partake in nothing which harms myself. No negative self talk, no eating unhealthy food, no alcohol, no self pity. I will practice kindness by listening to and trusting myself. I will fill my body with healthy food. I will exercise an appropriate amount. I will nourish my soul. I will love myself.

Happy New Year 2013!

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