and so we make our lives by what we love

it is not irritating to be where one is

it is only irritating to think one would like to be somewhere else

John Cage


My days would be made easier if I could follow only the rhythm of my heart

sleep until the light comes up

she would say

eat berries from the garden in the summer while you can

walk when the sun can warm even the night sky

and feel the skin of the one you love every day


these days the pace is uneven and quick

like trying to catch the step of the stranger who walks ahead

where is the purpose in that


I do not believe in an ultimate purpose

no answer to the big Why

my hope comes from no where

a vague dream that one day I can step off

and find Peace


some days I find that peace

when my lover’s eyes see me

I am opened and safe

this is peace

just as silence

and cup of tea, warm in my hands





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