Annual List of Things I Have Done This Year

Moved across country(from Oregon to New Hampshire; from urban to rural)

sold a house

bought a house

lived with friends, hotel, etc for 77 days

worked in the detox of residential A&D treatment facility

sold my paintings on two coast

did several commissioned pieces

Had my art accepted into a “real” gallery

read 14 books

painted many paintings

sold quit a few 🙂

swam in lake

swam in a river

saw petroglyphs

visited the Oregon coast

went to a Red Sox game and saw Papi hit a home run

started a sweater(which O hope to finish before the end ends)

visited New England for our Anniversary

Watched the UConn Huskies win the NCAA Basketball Tournament(mens and women’s)

drove across country

saw my daughter in Colorado

had a week long visit with my son

hosted a Christmas party

hosted a summer BBQ

lived in a lake cottage for a month in Whitefield, NH

saw baby loons hatch and had them counted in an annual loon count

did a lot of day trips over Northern Hampshire

crossed into Canada and had a beer

kayaked with family and new friends

took the Cog Railway up Mount Washington

hiked many a trail with Luka

took Luka swimming all summer

visited Robert Frost’s house

went to the Lupine Festival

visited a great dog park in Vermont several times

went to the Maine coast

had the garage floor redone

learned to play mahjong and joined a mahjong group

taught yoga twice a month in Berlin

decorated cookies for a restaurant in town

went to the halloween festival in Berlin, NH

showed my art at the Gorham Art Walk

showed my art at the cafe in town

did a collaborative art show with one of my favorite artists

ran a 5k

made an autumn craft at a craft and sip

made lots of new friends

made pie

went to my great Aunt’s 90th birthday party in Connecticut and saw family I hadn’t seen a long time

had visits from my uncle and my parents

rode my scooter

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