Art in Troubled Times

It’s August of 2020

I haven’t updated in over a year. But I have been painting.  Art, my own and others, has sustained me and continues to sustain me.

So much hard life has been happening.. personally, within my family, worldwide. Really hard stuff. Life can be brutal at times and while I tend to be an optimistic person  I’ve come to learn and accept that good doesn’t beget good and bad doesn’t beget bad. Awful things happen to good people and awful people get rewarded all the time. Life isn’t fair.. if it were fair it would be called fair.. it’s not.. it’s called life.

There have been beautiful and bright spots in all the pain. Love and friendship, nature and animal companions. I live in a beautiful corner of the world, isolated from much of the worldly chaos. I planted a garden and finished some really needed house projects. And I’ve continued to paint and create. I have many blessings and my daily work is to focus on those blessing.

blessings and love to anyone who reads this..

below are some recent  works ❤️


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