Artists Who Walk

Went for a walk with my housemates and Luka today as part of an assignment for my art class. The task called for me to map a walk. We also created rules for the walk. They were as follows…

1. Luka would lead the walk.
2. We had to stop and smell five things.
3. We could not smell squirrels, raccoons, or Luka….Trout made up this rule.
4. If we came across a swing, we had to swing on it.
5. Liss would be called “Princess” for the duration of walk.
The walk was fabulous. We stopped and smelled rosemary, blue spruce, a pinecone, a rose, and a beautiful round blossom from a garlic plant. We met the neighborhood kids selling lemonade in the hopes of raising $250 for a big bouncy room at the block party in September. They’ve had several weekend stands already and have made $200 so far.
The most curious part of the walk was Luka’s attitude. She was so confused. She’d stop at every corner, waiting for direction, and we in turn would wait for her. I never realized before that in all the walks I have been dragged on, I was truly leading. Luka is a follower. She seemed a little distressed at times. Poor girl! We helped her a bit to return home, and she did so with relief.
It was a great walk. No real agenda, just a walk with every opportunity to take in whatever was along the path. I could make this a habit!

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