as above so below

I woke up to a beautiful morning and a world of possibilty…then I panicked.  I hate that I do this.  It seems that whenever I am offered a day to do anything I want, I become overwhelmed with the choices.  I fear I’ll turn a potentially perfect day into a wasted one.  I wish I knew why I did this, but more urgently I need to know how not to do this.

Part of this started with the realization that tomorrow I will be in a six hour CPR class…on what is supposed to be an incredibly beautiful day.  I’ll be trapped inside!  I initially thought to myself, blow it off. Call in,  sign up for a class at another time. I could drive up to Bellingham, see my niece, such a better plan.  But the reality is, I need to take this class.  And who’s to say that the next time I sign up for it won’t be as lovely a day.

And then there’s tax prep I need to get done, and Luka, and my garden, and spring cleaning, and wasn’t I going to rearrange my house, and paint, and clean the windows……aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

So I turned to my yoga.   I came to the mat with sadness over my pulled hamstrings and the frustration of having lost my once flexible body.  This is where I am. And I must start everyday at a new beginning.  As a teacher I will tell my students this.  As a yogini I must live this.  I cannot ruin a perfect day.  No day is inherently better than any other.  It is my perception that gives a day value. In that still place where God resides and I am, I know differently.

I am what I believe…let me believe only in love.

as above so below.

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