Autumn chill

I put my storm windows up this morning.  There’s supposed to a cold front moving in and I needed to turn the heat on for the first time yesterday.  Can’t have my warm air escaping through the windows.  It was a beautiful morning.  Luka and I went to dog park, I moved my less hardy plants to the greenhouse, I guess I’ll just have to let the tomatoes go. This winter I’ll cut  back some branches so I can bring more light to my yard.  I need the vegetable space.  

I love my home.  I am grateful for its warmth and peacefulness every time I walk through the doors. I love my neighborhood, and the dog parks near by, and my neighbors. I love my old windows and wood floors, and quirky basement. I love all the lavender in my yard, and the constant surprises as new life comes and retreats.  This is my sanctuary, it feeds my soul.  I am so very grateful!!! 

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