Captain’s Log 6.20.15

Left for Nova Scotia before noon after getting our house/dog sitter settled in. I have a peace of mind knowing Luka is at home and not in a kennel…it really helps.

Heading off to Portland to catch the ferry, we were diverted off the route by a police barricade…leading to a beautiful Lake.

We got into town with more than enough time for lunch and a little shopping and sightseeing.

We took the ferry Nova Star out of Portland and into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I took these shots as we left the port. I played with the many features on my camera (I have an Olympus Penn)..

The accommodations on the ferry were what I expected, but I got bit by something in the night as did Chris. The food on the ferry was expensive, especially because Chris is vegetarian and I’m pescatarian..not a lot of options for Chris. The ship wasn’t full and the personnel seemed overly abundant at time..eating dinner(buffet style) staff hovered over us and literally grabbed our plates the instant we were done. It felt very rushed.

I slept well enough, and getting off the ferry and through customs was uneventful..Nova Scotia here we come!

As we told the customs guard, “We want to see everything!” He said that wasn’t possible in 7 days..alas

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