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in the world without walls


I always choose the quietest path.  I follow behind Luka, single file, it is just our way. Besides, she always knows where the trail is, always, without a map, without ever having been there, she knows. I cannot be lost when I am with her, which is good, because  I am not always paying attention.

I walk on these trails to lose my self in other ways. I sort through my thoughts, littering the path behind me, knowing that the wind and wilds will carry them off. I walk to forget..and to find community. Sometimes I will have talks with God and  feel His presence in everything around me; other times I will ask if God is even possible. I don’t dare ask for a sign, I have never believed it was in anyone’s interest to ask God for a sign. 

Sometimes, I think Luka must be God; she is the smartest, kindest, most loyal, and honest being I know. 

When we walk, I am reminded how small I am and how much a part of all this I am. Sometimes in corners of my home, it is easy to feel alone and apart from the world. Inside my walls, I am a collection of the things I own and surround myself with. In the woods behind my walls, I am vulnerable and open, wholly who I am in that moment. I have nothing, I am nothing..but my presence. 

Unshakeable Peace

i have been to it
that place without
that holds everything evenly
perfectly balanced
on no one side

i have felt
complete and clear
the best of naivete and wisdom
at once

i know that the path
to peace is inward
it is traveling to a place
on a road thousands have taken
before you

it is a place
one does not arrive at
one is revealed unto it
without effort
without any thing at all

everyone who has a blog

raise your hand

something new

not a chain, or a road, or even a simple

path of flattened blades of grades

rather it is like breath

always there

but often unnoticed

until it changes

then one might say,

“when did this happen?”

looking back,

there are sometimes signs,

but often not

simply one day is more different

than the last

and we are

I am

something new


rest doesn’t come easy

i have woken up the last two days

still tired

and while I can sleep in

i do not

or cannot

and so I move

in dreamstate

halfway in

and halfway out

of awakeness

today my heart beats quick

and unsteady

as if

as if

last night Luka raced inside, tail between her legs

barking at the dark

this brought me no comfort

“you’re the brave one,” I told her

but sometimes even the dogs are afraid

today i wait for night come

and work to end

so i may slip back into the comfort

of my sheets and down

and try again

to find that rest

last day of july

a carefree young girl in a striped summer dress

lay in the fountain

unafraid to be wet

sure in her childhood

and the endlessness of this

single day


I cannot calculate beginnings or ends.

although I often try to fix them into place

wanting certain tasks to be completed

within the frame I decide

as if I could

but I can never know what may come

to add and distract

complicate or even simplify

all that remains for me to hold

is my expectation

far better to be empty handed


with warm breathe your dark cool met my unsettled heart

who was it that was arriving?

how would I great you,

make a place for you…would I even want you to stay?

would my wanting make a difference?

and so it was

as it always is

with sound and breathe

your story unfolded between us

one part myth

one part map

with no neatline or legend

only spaces and unnamed paths

In my dreams we

make our way

renaming forgotten places

and answering unaswerables

with truths I could never find alone

truths, that are always changing

we, that are always changing

but comfort comes in the knowing of this

the mind is often uneasy

the heart,  beautiful and messy

the space between them, in the breathe

is where we meet

and discover that there is More

I did it!!!