my plate is so big and full right

I have left little room
for God to sit with me at the table
I hate when my life gets that way
Today I sat with some friends of mine over a few pints of some nice Irish stout.  We talked about about life changes and choices.  The paths of our lives intersect deeply in some very tangible and profound ways, and the loss of one of us pulls and tears at the ties we have made.  It is not easy or comfortable, it is life.  And the truth is, I support my friend completely.Often I have made choices with little thought of the effect they might have on others. And often that was the right thing to do.  Sometimes it was not.  The choices my friend will make will change me…this I know.  But as of this moment I do not know how.  Often I feel that my life is only change…I have no “daily routine.”   It is why I find such comfort in the space between, It is where I find God; it is where I am home. This week I will clean my plate and come back to the pause…the place that is neither here nor there and Be.

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