coffee talk

“Intelligence and spiritual practice  don’t necessarily go hand in hand.”   I am paraphrasing a friend, he said this over breakfast this morning.  It gave me pause.  It made me realize that I had always thought otherwise, but for no good reason really.  Reason and passion..not always on the same page.  I know that, I have lived that.

Have I needed my spiritual practice to be “smart?” Has it ever been “smart?” Does it need to be? I don’t know.  I have never really thought about it.  I have thought of myself as a decently smart person.  Smart enough, more street smart than book smart.  My spiritual beliefs have been experiential.  My practice all over the place, but often filled with hope and imagination.  I don’t always tie intelligence to imagination.  Maybe I should.

I am not sure what I believe.  I know that my path is one of Love.  I am not sure I need to know more than that, believe more than that.  What else could I possibly need to know more?  Really.  Just love.  Choose love…when given the choice, when the opportunity arises, to fill the time, to live into my purpose…love.
That seems the most intelligent choice.

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